Youker: The Euchre Drinking Game

Version 3.742A
26 January 2002
Youker: The Euchre Drinking Game was originally developed and extensively tested in August 2001. Further testing was conducted in January 2002 and the modifications are included below. Yes, there will be further revisions. The developers assume no responsibility for any damages incurred. Toss in a "name that tune" drinking game for added enjoyment. Beware the Ace Police. Beware the Drink Nazi. Think twice before going alone. Make sure you have enough of your favourite beverage on hand. Get yourself some straight pretzels. Don't trip over the LAN cord.

New or modified rules are marked with "~".

Enjoy! ;)
One Drink
~ for every ace played.
~ for every bower played.
~ for asking "What's trump?".
~ for asking "Who made trump?".
~ for acing your partner's trump.
~ for failing to indicate your intention to pass.
~ for discussing the previous hand, delaying the deal.
Two Drinks
~ for turning down anything. (see below)
Three Drinks
~ for turning down a 9. If you want to be a wimp (you don't, do you?), you can declare that the 9 falls under the "anything" rule above.
~ for trumping your partner's ace.
~ for an unsuccessful lone hand. Unsuccessful = not getting the full 4 points.
Four Drinks
~ (+ one straight pretzel each) for getting euchred. Both members of the team must drink.
~ for dealing a successful lone hand to the opposing team.
Whole Drink
~ for "no ace, no face, no trump".
   Suggested shooter: Baja Rosa

~ for turning down a bower.
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