Youker: The Euchre Drinking Game

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21 September 2002
Youker: The Euchre Drinking Game was originally developed and extensively tested in August 2001. Further testing was conducted in January 2002, May 2002, June 2002, and again in September 2002. The latest modifications are included below. The developers assume no responsibility for any damages incurred. Beware the Ace Police. Beware the Drink Nazi. Think twice before going alone. Get yourself some straight pretzels. Make sure you have enough of your favourite beverage on hand. Mini-micro drinks are not allowed. If you accumulate five or more drinks in one hand, you can negotiate for a shooter instead. There is no penalty for casual drinking. Call someone a "pricklet" at least once. If your partner has a cold, expect to lose. Don't trip over the Ash stand.

E-mail us if you play.

New or modified rules are marked with "~".

Enjoy! ;)
One Drink
~ for every ace played. However, if three aces are played at the same time, the person who did not play an ace must drink for the other three (ie, three drinks).
~ for every bower played.
~ for asking "Is that a rule?".
~ for asking "What was led?".
~ for asking "What's trump?".
~ for asking "Who made trump?".
~ for acing your partner's trump.
~ for failing to indicate your intention to pass.
~ for discussing the previous hand, delaying the deal.
Two Drinks
~ for giving up all five tricks.
~ for being the first to break the seal.
~ for asking "What did I pick up?".
~ for turning down anything. (see below)
Three Drinks
~ for turning down a 9. Wimps may declare that the 9 falls under the "anything" rule above.
~ for trumping your partner's ace.
~ for an unsuccessful lone hand. Unsuccessful = not getting the full 4 points.
~ for trick theft (trying to claim a trick that you didn't earn).
Four Drinks
~ (+ one straight pretzel each) for getting euchred. Both members of the team must drink.
~ for dealing a successful lone hand to the opposing team.
Whole Drink
~ for "no ace, no face, no trump".
~ for knocking your drink over.
   Suggested shooter: Southern Comfort and 7-Up

~ for turning down a bower.
~ for reneging.
~ for being skunked.
~ for wimping on going alone. (alternative: half of a whole drink)
~ for dumping the munchies on the floor.
~ for Coach's Corner and After 40 Minutes.
~ for making a new shooter rule.
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Previous Versions - v1.106, v3.742a, v2, XP
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