Euchre Superstitions
Euchre is a card game usually played by 4 people. My friends and I have spent many nights battling for bragging rights and, along the way, we discovered that each of us has our own personal set of rules or superstitions, if you will. Some of them go against the real rules of the game. Some are just silly. But they seem to work for the person involved and that's all that matters, right?

Although these rules seem to work for the inventor, they may or may not work for you. So don't hold me responsible for lost tricks or lost games or relationship breakdowns. But if you're feeling adventurous, give 'em a try. You might be surprised. However, when your partner glares at you across the table and says "What the hell were you thinking??", don't say I didn't warn ya. ;)

House Rule: Every hand must be played. If it goes around twice with nobody making trump, the dealer must make trump. Also known as... screw the dealer.
~ Order up your opponent on any 9.
~ If you have Q9 in your hand and that suit is turned up, order your opponent to pick it up.
~ If you have two bowers and a nine in your hand, make trump.
~ If you have K10 or Q10 in your hand, do *not* make trump.
~ If you have three aces in your hand, make trump the suit of the missing ace.
~ If the dealer turns up a 9, order it up.
~ If your partner turns down trump, make it opposite.
~ Make trump next.
~ Always indicate your intention to pass.
~ If Newt makes trump, throw the nine of trump to confuse Ice.
~ When in doubt, default is spades.
~ Never make trump.
~ Always make trump.
Stu M
~ When picking up a card to make trump, always throw next.
~ If your partner throws off on an off-suit trick that you take, lead it back to him.
~ When playing screw the dealer, the dealer can always expect to get a hand like a foot.
~ None of the above mentioned rules work when you expect them to.
~ Always trump your partner's ace.
Jim R
~ If you have K9 in your hand, you have to make trump.
~ If you have Q9 in your hand, you have to call a lone hand.
~ If the dealer turns down trump, make it next.
~ If you have AQ in your hand, there's a 50/50 chance you'll make the point.
Chris C
~ If you have 3 trumps in your hand, you gotta make it. **see next**
~ If you have AK10 or AQ10 in your hand, do *not* make it.
~ Turn down a bower, lose for an hour.
~ Always count on your partner for three tricks.
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