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Almost Fabulous is a collection of sites, related only in the sense that we find them interesting.

Almost Fabulous Movie Reviews
New, old, good, bad. We watch 'em all and share our opinions. Don't expect anything scholarly or Ebert-esque though.

Interviews from Roddy Cleere's Irish Music Show
An Irish DJ chats with some Irish and non-Irish musicians. What the hell, let's throw the word Irish into this description one more time, shall we?

Youker: The Euchre Drinking Game
Also known as, ‘How to get Ripley and Newt away from the computers’.

Euchre Superstitions
Some unique rules for playing the game, or, ‘How to make the other people at the table say “WTF?!?”’

Data Warrior
Find out what she thinks, what she's learned, what she's read, what she wants, what she..... oh hell, just look.

As I was saying...
Ripley's journal. Not all that interesting really but the nearly naked lady is nice.

Famous, Should Be Famous, and Infamous Canadians
Profiles of people from north of the 49th parallel. In other words, an outlet for Ripley's patriotism. This section now has a shiny new home away from AF.
About the authors

Two Canadian women who would rather be online than off, unless there's a porch fridge involved.

About the name

In a medium-sized kitchen, take:

1 part Almost Famous
1 part Absolutely Fabulous
several parts alcohol
a dozen or so games of Youker

Combine thoroughly, add Ice, and voila — Almost Fabulous. Enjoy! ;)

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